The Horizontal Line

In opposition to The Vertical Line STW of the Premium Line there’s The Horizontal Line of STUDSWAR.
STUDSWAR maintains the same DNA of STW that is the vertical line crosses the entire front part of the sneakers, starting from the tip, passing through the tongue and ending its run on the back of the shoe.
The main feature of STUDSWAR is the color which shows an explosion of mixing on three main bases: calfskin, suede and nabuk. As for STW, also for STUDSWAR the collection is genderless:
“among the fundamental human conditions for freedom there’s the possibility to choose what you want to be”


STUDSWAR’s headquarter is based in the province of Bergamo, where the idea of the vertical line and horizontal line was born.
Its first take-off is scheduled for the SS20, so the name it refers to the Bergamo airport as well as the third national airport for passenger traffic: BGY

Enjoy your flight.